Our values

….gadly genuine
Bring good products from our field to your table lovingly and respecting tradition

The farmer has always produced oil for the family by taking his olives to the mill and attending the milling. We share this best tradition with you.

Fine oil is generated in the olive grove which must produce excellent olives. The olive grove of the estate is cultivated organically for maximum respect for the ecosystem. An advanced fertigation system protects the olive trees from summer water stress and guarantees excellent fruit growth.

We have control of the entire production process. Direct cultivation of olive trees, olive harvesting, milling in presence within 6 hours of harvesting, storage, bottling and direct sales.

We never speed things up. We produce three oils with different fragrances respecting the natural evolution of the fruit maturation on the plant. For this reason we carry out three separate harvests between the end of October and December. We do not subject the oil to forced filtration processes but wait for it to decant naturally, resting in a cool place in small stainless steel tanks.

Monti Farm